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       The original textile printing and dyeing factory in Hunan, Taoyuan Province, was invested in 1966 and put into production in 1969. It is a large state-owned textile printing and dyeing enterprise managed by the provincial textile industry department.

        The restructuring of state-owned enterprises in 2001, Taoyuan textile printing and dyeing factory in Hunan province for the restructuring of Taoyuan textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., to form a complete production process from cotton to finished fabric, is one of Hunan and the national textile production and operation of the most perfect and most scale enterprises at present.

        Textile industrial upgrading, energy saving technological transformation, elimination of backward production capacity of textile printing and dyeing, updating of advanced technology and equipment, build a textile printing and dyeing industry chain; dyeing fabric and decorative fabric etc. the products have formed a unique style, are sold throughout the country, exported to many countries in Europe and America exports for many years in the textile industry in Hunan province the best.

        In more than 10 years, the company has won the "hundred private enterprises in Hunan province", "Hunan Province Import and export large", "Changde top ten excellent enterprise", "national printing and dyeing industry energy conservation standards competition advanced enterprise" honorary title; since 2007 three printing and dyeing cloth "brand-name products in Hunan province" title, 2008 Jiexin "trademark" won the "Hunan famous brand" title. In 2008, the company was identified as "Hunan agricultural products (Textile) deep-processing leading enterprises" by Hunan provincial economic committee"
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